White Forest (White Panorama), 2003-2013
Inkjet Print, 37×57 cm


White Forest


How much can a single glance take in?

(And a hundred words, what insight could they hope to evoke?)

All that you’ll ever see around is light and shade

Look for yourself:

There is no Blood.

Between the dead and the living grows the tree

Between the silent witness and the attentive self

Come… lose yourself…or your way…

The place gravely invites you to try.

This “mothers’ tongue” of ours, it has really seen too much:

To “clarify” is to “enlighten”, and the enlightened see

In the distance shades absentmindedly dance

 until forgetfulness stumbles to oblivion.

There is really nothing like the naked pale truth:

How much memory can a single forest evoke?

And a page, or its poem?

Landscape is always a place where you instantly know if you belong.

Look for yourself:

Could it be you?

Nimrod Bar-Am

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