Biographical Notes

Born in Israel, 1971; lives and works in Jaffa

1995-1999 – Department of Photography, Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv

Since 2005 – Head of the Department of Photography, Camera Obscura School of Art,

Tel Aviv

2009-2014 – B.A. in Humanities, Department of History, Philosophy, and Judaic Studies,

The Open University of Israel

Since 2006 – Lectures on photography’s affinities with Jewish history and the Holocaust

2011 – Jury member, EMET Prize for Science, Art and Culture (first award in the field of


– Co-curator (with arch. Rivka Guttman) of the exhibition “Depth of Field:

Photographic Architecture,” The Architect’s House Gallery, Jaffa (cat.)

Solo Exhibitions

2001 – Opal Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Stéphanie Benzaquen (cat.)

2005 – “Black Light,” Dear Noga Art Window, Jaffa; curator: Moran Shoub

2011 – “B&W Forest,” Artists House, Tel Aviv

2012 – “B&W Forest: Two Journeys to Treblinka,” The Ghetto Fighters’ House – Itzhak

Katzenelson Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum, Kibbutz Lohamei

Hageta’ot, Israel (cat.)

Selected Group Exhibitions

1998 – “Open House,” Beit Hagefen – Arab-Jewish Cultural Center, Haifa; curator: Hana

Kofler (cat.)

1999 – “White Nights,” as part of “Art Focus 3: International Biennial of Contemporary

Art,” Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem; curator: Idit Porat (cat.)

2002 – “Local Time 5,” Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Cinematheques; curator: Elyasaf Kowner

2003 – “Hereafter: Tel Aviv Video,” CAC – Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania;

curator: Stéphanie Benzaquen

2004 – “Water, is Taught by Thirst,” Gallery Noass, Riga, Latvia; curator: Stéphanie


2005 – “On the Banks of the Yarkon: The Yarkon River in Israeli Art,” Tel Aviv Museum of

Art; curator: Varda Steinlauf (cat.)

– “Power,” Turbine Hall, Reading Power Station Compound, Tel Aviv; curator:

Doron Rabina

2006-2007 – “The Neighbor Next Door,” Nizio Gallery, Warsaw, Galeria Wschodnia,

Łódż, Auschwitz Jewish Center (Centrum Żydowskie), Oświęcim, and other venues in

Poland; curator: Yifat Laist

2007 – “Moods and Modes in Israeli Photography: Works from the Collection, Gift of Leon

and Michaela Constantiner,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Nili Goren (cat.)

2009 – “2009 Tel Aviv Time,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Nili Goren (cat.)

2011 – “Making Room: Contemporary Israeli Photography,” Tel Aviv Museum of Art;

curator: Nili Goren (cat.)


Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Leon and Michaela Constantiner Collection

Private collections